Andrea Kalinová

Andrea Kalinová

T: +420 737 246 691


Andrea Kalinová has worked for Kienbaum as a Researcher Associate since 2010.

She started her career in the recruitment sector when she was working for a personnel agency during her studies at Charles University.  After graduating in 2002 she became an Office Manager and later a Junior Consultant at the same company. After four years there she decided to improve her English and went to London. She spent there almost 4 years; the last two in HR as a Site Trainer of sales skills for one of the UK´s leading motorway service operators.

As a researcher, Andrea prefers to specialize in technically oriented positions in the field of automotive and industrial engineering. She also has experience in FMCG, pharmaceutical, financial and sales positions.

Moral integrity, humbleness, gratefulness and loyalty are crucial to her in both personal and professional life. She does not approve of arrogance, dishonesty and hypocrisy.