Executive Search

Over decades, Kienbaum has defined the standard of finding executives for both private businesses as well as the public sector. We do this with our utmost commitment. The Kienbaum brand represents a level of competence that is continuously proven in each new assignment and expressed through the deep knowledge and insight of our consultants when it comes to industries, organizational structures and functional responsibilities. Because we are experts in our clients’ market environments and specifics, we also know the challenges decision makers are facing. Therefore, we can provide you with reliable, timely and unerring assistance in making the right hiring decisions for your key positions. Compared to our competitors, a unique added value is our access to networks that extend across the entire range of Kienbaum’s consulting units – far beyond the usual executive search databases available in the market.

Thanks to our international presence, we fill top-level positionsfor you in all major regions of the world – and also use our pan-global networks to attract international management resources for your local market.

We guarantee a particularly high degree of mutual selection reliability between client and candidate through the customized use of diagnostic processes. Furthermore, we also assist in contractual negotiations through, amongst other services, the insights of Kienbaum’s compensation experts.

If desired, we actively support the on-boarding and continue as your partner through the provision of a solid follow-up process for the crucial performance and satisfaction assessments.

A specifically-established directorate guarantees our high quality standards and is responsible for our innovation management. Here, particular attention is paid to digital tools and methods in order to support this process along our entire value chain.